The global market and platform for tokenized referral exchange built on Ethereum, AI & machine learning.


The Value Proposition

Take from your competitors.

Referrals are the lifeblood of most businesses. Despite this, the process of sourcing, exchanging, managing and tracking referrals is fraught with risks, fragility and slippage. AirRefer helps organization track referrals and offer the ability to track exchanges of referrals on the blockchain.

Capture More Revenues

Open new revenue streams by making referrals across sales regions and jurisdictions doable with just a few clicks, empowering sales agent to not turn business away they thought was not closeable.

Foster Trust

Make referrals bona fide business objects and move them out of the shadowy world of inbox handshakes into a well-structured set of business processes, assurances and guarantees.

Increase Utilization Rates

Give your sales less reasons to have downtime and newer agents the ability to get off to a faster start by giving them a starting place to compete for valuable referrals.

Technology Stack


AirRefer uses smart contract technology on the Ethereum network and ensures complete data privacy for transacting parties.

Machine Learning

Referral agents are ranked using our sophisticated machine learning algorithms.


Artificial Intelligence

Negotiation of referrals can be delegated to AI bots, freeing up the sales force to monetize referrals without getting tied to negotiating.


Global Referral Liquidity & Mobility

AirRefer gives you the ability to move a referral globally and monetize it quickly.

Real Estate

Monetize your buyer or seller globally

Hedge Funds

Find investors more aligned with your investment thesis


Monetize referrals across practices


Share candidates within and across organizations

The AirRefer Process


Start by selecting the type of referral and submit your referral information. All referral information is kept confidential and encrypted with your public and private key.

View Offers

Watch as other sales reps bid on your referral. Communicate directly with those sales reps to tweak the bid.

Award and Monetize

With a click, award the referral and monetize by receiving tokens or an agreed upon commission split. The agreement is stored on the blockchain with a fingerprint of the referral information.


A sales agent provides a referral to a specific sales agent within or outside the organization.

Fixed Split

The sales agent places the referral on the market and decides what split they wish to take. Agents interested in taking on the referral indicate interest and the referring agent awards to the agent of their choice.

Negotiated Split

The sales agent places the referral on the market but does not set a split they wish to receive but instead would like to negotiate a split. Other agents indicate their interest and referring agent negotiates with and awards the agent of their choice.


The sales agent places the referral on the market and is looking for the best bid or split on commission.




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